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Case Study

ALI-A Rebrand Project

Logo design, Social media

Well-known YouTuber, Ali-A, came to us in search of an updated brand for himself. We took familiar elements from his previous brand and delivered a modern and exciting brand that is now seen by millions.

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Case Study

LIRIK Branding


LIRIK is a popular streamer on Twitch and he's all about cats! When he approached Creative Grenade for an updated brand, we focused on his cat, Nayna, who's become quite the celebrity.

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Case Study

CS:GO Wild Intro

Motion Design

Creative Grenade's motion designer, Gabe, took the popular CS:GO Wild logo and brought it to life. Paired with some insane audio and visuals, CS:GO Wild now has an intro that's sure to impress.

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If you want very best design, there is no better place than @CreativeGrenade - They made my new logo! :)


Our brand new and beautiful intro, courtesy of @CreativeGrenade


Sick work and nice stream! @CreativeGrenade <3


Huge shout-out to @CreativeGrenade for making my vision come alive. Establishing your channel or "brand" is key! 🙌


Getting a new logo from @CreativeGrenade


My tutor put on a @CreativeGrenade tutorial today at college 😂😂