Cosplay star, Twitch streamer, and cats.

When Meg reached out to us for her new branding, we hopped on some calls to discuss potential avenues we could take with the design. Having already known Meg from her Rooster Teeth hosting days, we knew she was big into hearts and cats.

Meg Turney is a globally recognized internet personality, model, vlogger, and cosplayer. Add to that list after this complete Twitch rebrand and launch, Twitch streamer. You can catch her live here most nights.

She has three cats currently that she adores and we all agreed that a fusion between hearts and cats would be a great way to represent Meg and that's where we got started. The entire brand for Meg is based around light and inviting backgrounds with a slightly muted pink for her main brand color.

The entire project consisted of logo design, intro, Twitch scenes, alerts, panels, transitions, and more.