What's in a name?

We knew we needed a logo that represented Matt as a person; a logo that has true meaning. For this, we took a journey back in time to his Halo days where he got his name: Nadeshot. The name Nadeshot comes from the process of disabling the enemy’s shield with a grenade and then finishing them off with a single sniper shot to the head.

We used negative space in the letters represents the grenade and bullet path and skewed the letters forward to represent his always moving forward, go big or go home playstyle.

A simple but meaningful logo can sometimes be even more challenging than the most detailed logo and we wanted to keep things clean and historical.

With the logo approved, the Creative Grenade team was ready to bring it to life with an intro for Matt’s videos and social media assets.

Nadeshot is also the founder of 100 Thieves, an esports organization that is now co-owned with Drake.