Professional Call of Duty Player

Octane, a professional Call of Duty player for 100 Thieves, approached us wanting a new logo and Twitch stream overhaul. The project consisted of branding, starting soon scene, alerts, custom coded sub train cam box, and sub badges.

When we started discussing avenues for the logo, we knew we wanted to stay away from an icon you'd expect when you hear the name "Octane" so things like fire, rocket fuel, etc. were not on the table.

We came up with a branding system that utilizes energy "bars" that charge up to represent the word octane, which many associate with a burning energy. These angles form the logo and are used throughout his brand.

Most notably is the custom coded cam box which charges up to 10 subs and then will change colors every 10 subs in a train. The colors of the bars change and the colored elements around the camera. Try it yourself! Click the "toggle alert" button until you hit different tiers of 10 to see how the cam box reacts during a sub train.

While we came up with this creative idea, it would not have been possible without the amazing development talent of Aiden Wallis.