Dr DisRespect

What do you do when the face of Twitch contacts you? You go full momentum on absolutely everything.

When Guy approached us about upgrading his Dr DisRespect Twitch stream, we knew we had to go all in on this 2.0 return. Creative Grenade worked on this project for just over a month and the new assets included a new Champions Club logo, slightly updated Doc logo, custom intro featuring music from Deadmau5, new green screen scenes, new panels, animated scene transitions etc.

The best way to truly experience everything is to tune into his stream!

Our approach began with a 3 hour long call with Guy to establish what could be done to bring his stream production to the next level. We agreed that adding some magenta to his existing red/black color scheme would bring a vibrant pop of color to his brand. Paired with a neon style intro, we updated his look to what we call "modern 80's" style.

A special shoutout to those who worked directly on this project: Travis, Gabe, Aaron, and Stratz of Creative Grenade.

Updated panels for Twitch.
Sub alerts for sub and resub featuring the Champions Club logo.
The DocChopper atop the arena.
The Turtle Beach lounge featuring latest subs on the TV.
The GFUEL locker room featuring latest subs on a scrolling LED screen.
The Razer underground parking garage featuring Doc's lambo.
The victory stage inside the arena.
Each scene is built on a layer system.
Main intermission screen.
Social banner design for launch.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Guy who came to the table with creative ideas and made this experience one of our most enjoyable. And this is just the beginning...

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