Michael Holt (GAMINGwithMOLT), “Molt” for short, is a mobile gamer who enjoys playing Clash Royale, as well as other mobile games.

Typically you’ll find Molt playing games on his iPad for his successful Youtube channel, which boasts nearly 1.5 million subscribers worldwide. Molt took us out of our typical environment and challenged us to create a refreshed brand that represents what kind of content he stands for, mobile gaming.

We didn’t want to slap a mobile phone or other cliche types of illustrations in this logo, so we dug deeper. What we found that really captured the essence of his image was an iPad. Not only did we want to portray an iPad in this design, but we wanted to create an action of a “click”. We did this by creating an abstract hand and pointer interacting with an iPad screen, which also served it’s purpose as the letter “O”.

We took the approved logo and furthered Molt’s branding by creating him an intro that reflects his new logo and content.

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